Consider us your local project manager and handyman in one…but with the power of national experience and connections behind us.

Every day that your property stays off the market is a day you lose money. Rincon knows this, so we make it our top priority with tenant turns to get in and get it done so our clients can rent their homes quicker and increase their yield. We keep your profitability in mind... whether it's a total overhaul or a simple repair, we will stay within budget and deliver a finished product that you will love!

Rincon has the expertise to know what a home should look like to maximize yield, so when the Rincon team arrives, we’re ready to get started. We also understand that you, as the owner, may do some of the work in-house, so we’re suited to be a FLEX vendor. We’ll easily work with you to take on projects that go beyond your staff capabilities or expand into other regions. Plus, if Rincon did the property’s rehab, we’ll also do touch ups and fixes to keep your property maintained and up-to-date.