Immediate solutions for property service and maintenance are just a phone call away.

Our 24-hour maintenance team is a valued resource to property owners and managers. With prompt turnaround times, urgent repairs like leaking toilets, appliance malfunctions, electrical issues and inoperable air conditioners, are handled efficiently. As soon as Rincon is notified of a problem, our dispatchers assign a technician and call the affected tenant so they are comfortable that the issue is being addressed. Our professional handymen are onsite within hours to diagnose and correct problems on the spot.

Because our service technicians are in your tenants’ homes, we ensure that we hire the best in the business. They have years of industry experience and are knowledgeable about all aspects of repairs and maintenance. Each employee undergoes a thorough background evaluation, they are professionally uniformed and are always well groomed.

Rincon Service and Maintenance uses a sophisticated tracking system that assists our technicians with time management and project updates. The system catalogs notes as well as before and after photos, helping property owners and managers understand the progression and extent of the repair. This also allows for service requests to be placed via phone or email.